About Us

Natural Pilates Founder, Laura Wilson.

Laura Wilson is one of the most successful and sought-after fitness instructors in the country. As the founder of Natural Pilates, she has set up a Pilates empire in the fitness capital of Los Angeles featuring studios in Beverly Hills, Brentwood, and West Hollywood along with livestream mat & reformer classes, Pilates on Demand, teacher-training workshops, and a line of fitness gear.

A national champion archer from Romania, Wilson immigrated to the U.S. in 2002 from her native Romania with $100 in her pocket. From these humble beginnings, she has always strived to be the best in her field and has certifications in Stott Pilates (2005), Gyrotonic (2008), Spin (2011), and Vinyasa Yoga (2011). Additionally, she became a Resistance Training Specialist and a Muscle Activation Technique Specialist in 2012.

Wilson’s knowledge of the body is truly unparalleled in her field.  This kinesiological acumen has given her an edge in fitness and served as the catalyst behind the creation of her own unique type of Pilates instruction.  She has captured the classical repertoire developed by Joseph Pilates over 70 years ago and infused it with her approach of how she views the body plus various forces that act against the body.   She targets muscles with creative programming and exercise order and gives hands-on cues while adjusting repetitions and tension.  Wilson’s approach helps clients “tune in” to their own bodies and trains current and future Pilates instructors to develop a deeper understanding of the body’s musculature and biomechanics, in order to effectively program individualized sessions based on anatomy, movement patterns, and goals.

Wilson is the first to admit she is constantly learning in order to offer her clients the most comprehensive and tailored workout possible.  Natural Pilates caters to all ages from professional athletes to those rehabbing an injury.  While Wilson is known for her challenging Reformer workouts and inexhaustible work ethic, her main focus is to help people increase strength, improve flexibility, and gain mindfulness.