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Mental Health Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is a low-impact exercise with many physical benefits, but did you know it also improves your mental health? Here are just a few of the benefits that go beyond strengthening the body and improving flexibility.

Workout: Booty Band Burn

Light up your lower body with this quick and effective 12-minute workout with Natural Pilates Master Trainer, Laura Wilson. Get ready to feel the burn in your legs and glutes!

Press Hit: Livestrong

The 5 Worst Oblique Exercises if You Want a Smaller Waist by Kim Grundy Natural Pilates founder, Laura Wilson, recommends 5 Pilates exercises to strengthen and tone your midsection with video demonstrations.

Press Hit: Prevention

8 Pilates Rings to Strengthen and Tone Muscles, According to a Fitness Expert by Nicole Natale Prevention Magazine has featured Natural Pilates founder, Laura Wilson in its article about Pilates Rings (aka Magic Circle) and it’s many benefits.

Keeping Your Knees Healthy

Keeping Your Knees Healthy & Happy Whether it be Pilates, running, HIIT workouts, or just daily life – your knees are usually a pretty important part of staying active and mobile. They’re also one of the most overused parts of the body and if they’re tight and achey, it can lead to pain and potential […]

Workout: Prenatal Full Body

Prenatal Mat Workout Calling All Soon-to-Be Mamas! Here’s a quick 13 minute Prenatal Mat Pilates workout led by Laura Wilson and Natural Pilates instructor, Julia Titus.

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5 Pilates Moves That are Safe for Postpartum by Jessica D’Argenio Waller Parenting and Motherhood blog and community, Motherly, has featured Natural Pilates founder, Laura Wilson in its article about safe Postpartum exercise. Laura shares safe exercises for new moms, her own postpartum fitness journey, and advice on what to be mindful of when getting […]

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This 20-Minute Pilates Routine Can Help Relieve Lower-Back Pain by Jaime Osnato. Natural Pilates was featured in an article on! Relieve back pain by doing this 20-minute Mat Pilates workout, demonstrated by Laura Wilson.

Press Hit: Bella Magazine

Natural Pilates: Your Next Workout Adventure by Caelinn Oliva “If you’re in search of a new workout, Natural Pilates is the next activity to have on your radar! Founded by entrepreneur and celebrity pilates trainer Laura Wilson, this gym offers classes at their three locations in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Brentwood California.”


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